Defining The Air Around You

As temperatures drop, homes will start getting sealed up for the cold season to keep warm air indoors and the chill of the winter outside. Now, making sure the air inside is clean and breathable becomes even more of a priority than any other time of the year.

You know you have a definite need for air, but you don’t know the difference between an air conditioner, air diffuser and an air purifier? Don’t fret — A & J Installation has the knowledge of all things air related that will keep you breathing comfortably all winter long.

Air cleaners are designed to take the multitude of airborne materials like dust and dander as well as gases out of the air. Most commonly using the processes of particulate filtration, electrostatic precipitation, and gas sorption, the cleaners filter out all of those little no-see-ums that might otherwise end up in your lungs. They are especially useful, and sometimes even a necessity, for people who have allergies to those airborne particles.

Anyone who lives in an area where it gets hot in the summer knows what an air conditioner is — that handy device likely mounted in a window or just outside the home that lowers the temperature of the air. They offer relief from those dog days, and in the heat of the season can revitalize and invigorate you. Of course, air conditioners don’t get quite as much use during the winter …

Air diffusers are the devices that blend the conditioned air with the room air, creating a more uniform mixture. The most convenient place for the installation of an air diffuser is the ceiling, as the apparatus gathers the various air types and homogenizes them to send back out into the room.

Even if you are battening down for a long winter, it doesn’t mean the air inside your home has to suffer from the lack of constant circulation to the outside. And don’t forget you can always get professional air quality advice from A & J Installation by calling 845-357-0275 or emailing [email protected].

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