To Replace – Or Not to Replace – Your Boiler

Not feeling the comfort you used to enjoy in your home? Tired of getting startled awake by that noisy old clunker boiler?

It might be time to search out a replacement.

Making that kind of investment is, of course, not too be rushed into, so here are some pointers to help with that decision.

First, take an assessment of the current situation. Are you too hot in the summer and/or too cold in the winter? Are there certain rooms in the home that are noticeably colder/hotter than others? Is there an annoying disturbance every time the hot water or steam boiler system kicks on and starts to circulate?

That means it’s time to take a good look at updating your equipment, but the question of whether to repair or replace is still open to consideration. Like buying a new car, there is a lot to take into account to decide if it’s time for a trade up. How old is your current equipment, and how energy efficient is it to run? Old machinery certainly is not up to today’s standards in energy efficiency, so a new boiler is likely to be an immediate money saver.

The repair history, just like a car, is also considered. Are you having the system fixed constantly? What are the costs of those repairs running you? If it’s on its last legs, a new system is a way better investment than the bandage you keep applying to your clunker.

If you expect to stay in your home for a while, chances are pretty good that if you’ve already started to question whether to buy new, then it is time to buy new. And like buying a new car, you should kick the tires of the new boiler before your purchase. The innovative Carrier gas- and oil-fired boilers offer the comfort of all around warmth without the noise and draft of forced air systems. The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating tells just how energy conscious the equipment is – the higher the rating, the more efficiently it operates.

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