Keeping Your Water Pipes Warm All Winter Long

With winter upon us, it’s time to take a serious look at your water pipes.

Frozen pipes during the cold season will cause an incredible amount of flooding if not found right away. That flooding in turn can cause substantial damage while also creating a perfect moist environment to encourage the growth of mold.

Prior preparation before the cold hits is a necessity … take a survey of your own situation and prepare for the worst, even if you have never had frozen pipes in the past. Insulate pipes in attics, in crawl spaces, running along outside walls, and leading to outdoor faucets. In extreme cases electric heat tapes might also be needed to ensure enough warmth to keep the water flowing, and A & J Installation can advise you on the perfect accessories that will keep your water flowing all year long.

Seal any leaks where cold air can blow in and encounter your water pipes. On cold days and nights, open your cabinet doors so the air from your furnace can more easily get to the pipes and keep them warm.
On those especially cold days, it’s also a good idea to let the hot water drip slightly, preferably at a faucet on an outer wall. That constant flow of warm water will help keep the pipes from freezing from the inside.

But if all of your prep fails and the water in the pipes freezes, the newly formed ice will expand and can cause cracks in both plastic and copper lines. If you turn on a faucet during the winter and nothing comes out, it’s likely the water has frozen somewhere in the line — this is your first sign that there is a situation that requires the immediate attention of your A & J Installation professional. You might not be able to find the problem yourself until the water thaws again and by then it will be too late. And for safety sake, never use a torch or an open flame to try to thaw a pipe.

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