Get in the “Zone” for Maximum Comfort

You don’t watch television with the family and sleep at the same time, so why heat or cool your living room and your bedroom at the same time?

Zoning can maximize your comfort while saving money and energy by avoiding the waste of both in the heating and cooling, depending on the season, of areas of the home when you are elsewhere. Planning on catching a cartoon marathon with the kids? Then you won’t need the master bedroom brought to a sleep-friendly temperature any time soon. Retiring after that long night of cartoons? Then why heat or cool your living room overnight?

Most homes have individual and separate sleeping and living areas, along with some rooms that are used a lot while some are used seldom, if ever. It doesn’t make sense to maintain a comfortable environment in the corner storage room or that guest room you only use when Grandma visits once a year, so it could be time to look into automatic zoning — the installation of ductwork dampers that control individual room temperatures.

Automatic zoning causes those ducts to be opened and closed based on a particular area’s thermostat settings. Based both on temperature and on occupancy expectancy, zoning is similar to using a programmable thermostat to bring the house to a comfortable temperature shortly before you expect to be home, but on a more specific, room-by-room scale.

Here, individual rooms can be maintained at separate temperatures for separate times of day, making the entire household more comfortable for all. Automatic zoning conveniently adjusts the temperature for each room without the need for constant fiddling with the thermostat, walking the length of the house to a central thermostat, or the installation of separate HVAC systems. Plus it makes sure an individual room isn’t overheated or overcooled once it is at the pre-programmed temperature.

That way, you are comfortable all the time in all the areas of your home, and you save on that energy bill as well.

You wouldn’t run your air conditioner or furnace outside of your home, so why heat or cool sections inside of your home when you aren’t there?

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