Energy Efficiency and Home Comfort – How They Go Hand in Hand

With the economy struggling, coupled with growing environmental concerns, energy efficiency is a subject on a lot of people’s minds today.

But what exactly constitutes an efficiently run energy apparatus? While the average homeowner may not readily know the exact designations of energy efficiency, the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program is always there with specific information and up-to-date tips on maximizing efficiency.

Homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from Energy Star’s wisdom in the purchase of Energy Star-compliant HVAC systems, major appliances like washers and dryers, and even the simple installation of energy-saving light bulbs. These can all mean big differences in both the energy bill and the footprint the energy use of today leaves on the generations of tomorrow.

If you are looking for information on energy efficiency when looking at any HVAC equipment or major appliance, Energy Star says to look for the highest possible Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER rating for the best energy savings. All models now have a yellow Energy Guide label, explaining how much energy the unit takes to operate, comparing it to similar models, and showing the estimated annual operating costs.

Some might question the initial expense of installing brand-new Energy Star-rated devices, but some fast figures will prove it actually costs more not to replace those outmoded energy consuming apparatus. And that’s only in money figures — think of the beneficial effects the concentration on becoming more “green” will have on the environment for future generations.

That seems like a wise investment.

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